Welcome to AIMS India Foundation

"AIMS India foundation is an organization that seeks to bring about a social transformation in India through the collective efforts of hundreds of thousands of like-minded people and organizations spread wide across the globe. Our mission is to bring people together for the lofty purpose of bringing about a positive transformation in our motherland India, to achieve a vision of economically self-sufficient and a socially harmonious country that serves as a beacon of light to the rest of the world."

Read on using the links to the left of this page. Join us. Volunteer. Contribute. No single one of us can effect all this change. But, together, we are more than the sum of the parts; Together we can move mountains.

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Who we are

Who we are

AIMS India organization was started in 2001 by a handful of energetic, motivated, committed individuals in the Washington DC area with the goal of achieving a better society in India. This organization has been formed with this sole goal; we realize the sweeping nature of this grandiose goal, the breadth and enormity of the challenges that faces us. However, it is these challenges that make us realize the imperative nature of the problem and the need for dynamic movement to seek creative solutions.

We are motivated by what we see.

On one hand we see the terrible economic conditions of millions of Indians, struggling to find work , to feed themselves and their chil

Testimonials from the members of AIMS India

Testimonials from the members of AIMS India

Here are some testimonials - statements of ardent purpose - from the members of AIMS India

My Vision for India is Freedom, Effective Law, Corruption Free India, Clean Environment, Effective Supply Chain, Closure of sick units and Privatisation of Public Sectors like Telephone, Media, Transportation. Elimination of caste based quota allocation and introducing strictly Economic based reservation. Liberalization of Power.

Compulsory education up to 10th std. Compulsory Voting. Strict tax collection. Strong action against terrorism. Revision of law for all trade unions. Remove free electricity, and all free stuffs. Our government should be democratic but at the same time s

charity projects
Run to Serve a Graam
Little Drops

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