DC Moi Virunthu

Welcome to DC Moi Virunthu (a fundraise lunch to support farming in India) event on July 29th 2017 at Freedom HIgh School, 25450 Riding Center Dr, Chantilly, VA 20152.  Please visit www.dcmoivirunthu.org to get more information and RSVP for attending and volunteering at the event. 


Why Moi-Virunthu?  Farmers’ suicides are increasing in India due to failed crops, failed monsoons, lack of underground water, dry rivers and our failure to preserve canals, tanks and ponds which are used to be backup water resource during the dry periods. There has been an increased awareness recently in cleaning, desilting, and reclaiming these water bodies so that they can be used again as catchment areas during the monsoon period.


Through awareness, we made requests to initiate a fundraise program to support these projects. AIMS India Foundation took this as an opportunity to continue spreading the awareness among Indian community.  In addition to the fundraise activities, we plan to showcase cultural dance, games, food from the villages to remind ourselves about the significance of farming and our social responsibility to do our part. The event is hosted by AIMS India Foundation and supported by Tamil Sangam of Greater Washington along volunteers from Virginia and Maryland area Tamil Schools.


AIMS India Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempted organization has been involved in rejuvenating water sources and providing long term solutions to farmers in selected areas of Tamil Nadu. We would like to continue doing more such projects.

In line with our mission of Bringing people together, we are requesting all of you to support by giving back to our community so that we can change the livelihood of the farmers and the future generations.


Project update:

We are excited that work has started on restoring the Batterkulam tank that serves Srivaikuntam taluk of Thoothukudi district, adjescent to Thamiravarani River in TamilNadu

  • Batterkulam which is the first tank and acts as the source for remaining tanks in the Marudur Keelakal is taken in to consideration for Phase 1 and AIMS has contributed $ 10,000 which is more than half of the cost of reclaiming Batterkulam. Batterkulam is the source of water for Tholappanpannai, Chenthilampannai and Padmanabamangalam.
  • Tank Area - 250 acres
  • Project undertaken to restore 100 acres
  • Irrigation area covered- About 1000 acres
  • Villages Covered - 6
  • Families benefited - 800
  • Total Cost for this phase - $ 16000

The Project is spearheaded by Anna University, Tirunelveli Division. Experts from Anna University, PWD department of Tamilnadu, Farmers Association will be engaged in this project, along with volunteers from NSS and NCC.  Our goal is to reclaim all the 15 tanks in Marudur Keelakal with your help and support.


Project inaguration photos :  http://aimsindia.net/photos.aspx?album_id=147&title=projects&type=1

Project Inaguration video :   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkJnToSnitg

Update on 7/17/2017  :   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ar6_ey177gA




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