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"AIMS India foundation is an organization that seeks to bring about a social transformation in India through the collective efforts of hundreds of thousands of like-minded people and organizations spread wide across the globe. Our mission is to bring people together for the lofty purpose of bringing about a positive transformation in our motherland India, to achieve a vision of economically self-sufficient and a socially harmonious country that serves as a beacon of light to the rest of the world."

Read on using the links to the right of this page. Join us. Volunteer. Contribute. No single one of us can effect all this change. But, together, we are more than the sum of the parts; Together we can move mountains.

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Who we are

Who we are

AIMS India organization was started in 2001 by a handful of energetic, motivated, committed individuals in the Washington DC area with the goal of achieving a better society in India. This organization has been formed with this sole goal; we realize the sweeping nature of this grandiose goal, the breadth and enormity of the challenges that faces us. However, it is these challenges that make us realize the imperative nature of the problem and the need for dynamic movement to seek creative solutions.

We are motivated by what we see.

On one hand we see the terrible economic conditions of millions of Indians, struggling to find work , to feed themselves and their children, and struggling to get health care. On the other hand we see an elite minority who have the lions’ share of the country’s resources. There is a need for leadership, awareness, guidance, and support to enable  every citizen of the country to access resources, to use them to improve individual lives. 

It is time to open our eyes wide, put a stake in the ground, and start somewhere, anywhere.

We are taking small steps addressing the distress at the grassroots, in rural areas, where the need of the hour is imminent.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work towards strengthening and empowering rural communities, by facilitating access to  quality education, better infrastructure, and enabling access to better health in an attempt to bring about socioeconomic development in India.

Our focus in the past several years has been to ensure that children have access to education; that adults and children in rural communities have access to good health, to enable a healthy life style; have the access to basic infrastructure for better quality of life and have access to resources that can improve their standard of living.
We have accomplished these through study centers for school children, augmenting the existing infrastructure in Govt. Schools and by providing micro loans and micro credits.

Our goal is to "bring people together" to promote both awareness and participation in all these projects.

In its early years, AIMS INDIA staged several cultural events throughout the east coast and midwest of USA to promote our cause. Some of these include plays by Crazy Mohan, movies such as Baba and Kaakka Kaakka, celebrity shows by Manivannan, Sneha and Mayilsamy etc. All these programs, received very well by the audiences, were used to promote the message of volunteerism and the need for social work in our country.

Currently our main fund raising program is The AIMS Marathon initiative, called RUN TO SERVE A GRAAM, an effort to raise awareness and funds, continues to be our largest annual fund raising campaign, run entirely by  volunteers. These funds have been or will be allocated to various AIMS projects that have been committed to making real differences in the lives of thousands of underprivileged people in rural India.

The Team

Executive Board Members

Iyappan Kothandaraman - President

Siva Venkatachalam - Treasurer

Jey Venugopalan - Secretary

Venu Cheneerappa - Joint Secretary

Board of Directors

Sada Palanisamy

Vidya Vijayanand

Vijay Sivaprakasam


Aliyar Sahib

Mahendiran Periasamy

Ravi Rajaram

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charity projects
Run to Serve a Graam
Little Drops

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