Littledrops Volunteer Meetup

It was a cool Saturday morning and the very first littledrops volunteer meetup just happened. The meeting place was Centennial Park, Ellicot city, MD which was a very beautiful spot by itself. A beautiful lake surround by a trial which was approximately 3 miles. It was a first face to face meet up for some of us and we had the opportunity to fix a face value for each name. We started doing the trial and there were some grumbling for some of the first time walkers in a trail. We completed the trail in about an hour and half. It was a brisk walking passing by pro runners, group exercisers and rookie’s….

Of course a volunteer meetup needs some refreshments….and voila there were doughnuts. I know!!! We went for an early morning fitness walk and had doughnuts!! Duh!! The enthusiasm was felt around the group and it dawned that a volunteer meetup could be so refreshing. The birth of little drops was shared for a few of the new comers and it was indeed a great gathering and hopefully expecting for more meetups to be happening periodically in the near future….



(Standing Left to Right:Ravi, Bala, Cheran, Mahesh, Siva, Gopal, Rabbani, Selva & Raj   Sitting Left to Right:Jey & Satish)





Standing Left to Right:Ravi, Bala, Cheran, Mahesh, Siva, Gopal,Selva & Raj Sitting Left to Right - Ganesh, Satish & Rabbani )

Way to go Littledrops!!!!!



-Satish Krishnan

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