Dhanasekaran Muthu

My Running Info

Target Race: : Half-Marathon,
What inspires me run for Team AIMS: I heard about the Marathon training program offered by AIMS volunteers from a friend. Once I joined the program I learned a lot about the AIMS and its charity programs. AIMS have completed several charity projects successfully in India and the USA. The volunteer coaches are amazing and they really care about the runners and create awareness about the charity projects. This is my first year running half-marathon and I plan to run every year for my own fitness and for the charity programs by AIMS. Hope you can donate generously and/or consider running with me to create awareness.
Previous Marathons (if any):
My Fundraising Goal: $ 500
Total Funds raised: $ 550

Donor NameDonation $Payment MethodDonation Date
Dhanasekaran Muthu 250 paypal 15/Jul/2021
Gerald Joseph 50 paypal 17/Aug/2021
Dhanasekaran Muthu 250 paypal 30/Aug/2021