Virtual Marathon Training Program - 2021

Welcome to Team AIMS VMTP 2021 program!

Please follow the instructions about profile creation / update and  VMTP registration process. 

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  • Last year runners, use FORGOT PASSWORD  option to get temporary password via email. Please allow sometime to receive the email and also make sure to check your SPAM folder.  Upon succcessful login,update your profile with latest information.
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  • Register for MTP after sign in through "MTP" Menu or click the REGISTER FOR MTP button in Profile page .

  • T-shirt will be provided (End of 6th week)
  • Training schedule will be set for 26 weeks and the schedule information is at
  • Every long weekend run will be coordinated by two coaches virtually  or in person
  • Every long weekend run will start with either Zoom session with instructions for runners.
  • Runners will be provided with videos to assist with Post run stretches
  • Runners will have access to coaches to address their concerns/questions on running
  • Program will have 2/3 webinars on nutrition, running form and other tips and techniques for running.
  • Target races will be the choice of runners or guidance will be given during the program
  • Fundraising is mandatory
  • Local groups will guide weekday runs virtually or in person (subject to local rules, restrictions, and coach’s preference)
  • General Questions on the program –
  • Questions on run –