Ram Mahadevan

My Running Info

Target Race: : Full-Marathon,
What inspires me run for Team AIMS: To support the noble cause pursued by Team AIMS in raising funds for social & community welfare projects AND in the process work on personal fitness by enrolling in marathon training program !
Previous Marathons (if any): There is always a first time for everything in life !
My Fundraising Goal: $ 2000
Total Funds raised: $ 1258

Donor NameDonation $Payment MethodDonation Date
Ram Mahadevan 1008 paypal 24/Jul/2021
Sheshkumar Arkalgud 50 paypal 07/Aug/2021
Girish Jay 100 paypal 25/Sep/2021
Abhishek Singh 25 paypal 29/Aug/2021
Shajeev Kumaran 25 paypal 06/Sep/2021
Hitesh Parikh 50 paypal 23/Oct/2021