Venugopal Chenneerappa

My Running Info

Target Race: : Full-Marathon,
What inspires me run for Team AIMS: Team AIMS focus on community welfare and wellbeing. Projects to empower women, rural development and student development centers.
Previous Marathons (if any): MCM(2015,2016,2018)
My Fundraising Goal: $ 750
Total Funds raised: $ 585

Donor NameDonation $Payment MethodDonation Date
VENUGOPAL CHENNEERAPPA 10 paypal 28/Feb/2021
Karthik Chidambaram 100 paypal 03/May/2021
Feroze Bilgrami 200 paypal 05/May/2021
Chandra Mohan 25 paypal 05/May/2021
Michael Marden 50 paypal 06/May/2021
Jesse Crane 100 paypal 07/May/2021
Justin Popnoe 100 paypal 08/May/2021