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Sada Palanisamy Sada Palanisamy Sada Palanisamy is a runner and RRCA certified running coach helped few hundred runners in DMV area successfully complete their dream of running first marathon or half marathon. Started my running in 2005 with a group of 13 Team AIMS runners and successfully completed the MCM training and race.

For the past 15 years, I have completed around 25 marathons and ultramarathons. My goal is to be a lifelong runner.

I didn't get interest or opportunity in running until my early 40's and once I started enjoying the benefits of running and the group of Team AIMS coaches and the new runners joining every year made my journey a quite lovable one.

My motto of running is Run Healthy and injury free.

Races run: https://www.athlinks.com/athletes/311665230/results
Arun Sambandam Arun Sambandam Arun Sambandam is a running coach who helps people to achieve their running goals. Arun started coaching in 2017 to help new runners with training for their goal race, helping them stick with the training program and completing their goal race.

Arun as a runner takes pride in being able to relate to first time runners. Arun first ran his first marathon in 2006. Then after a long gap started training properly and running in 2012. He has completed 19 marathons and 8 ultramarathons (longer than marathons). His goal as a runner is to show others that anyone can achieve what they want, as long as they are willing to put in the work.

Here are some of the successes that athletes have had under Arun’s coaching and programs:
  • 30 first time full marathoners completed their race
  • 25 first time half marathoners completed their races
  • All these athletes turned their life around to live a more active and healthy lifestyle
Races run: https://www.athlinks.com/athletes/437255244/results
Nathan Duraisamy Nathan Duraisamy Nathan Duraisamy is a father of two lovely kids and living in Maryland. He is an enthusiastic and energetic person who loves to play different sports to keep a healthy & active life. He ran his first marathon in 2009 and has been running ever since. He is an RRCA Certified running coach, helps running clubs and individuals with their running programs. Prior to becoming a certified coach, Nathan has worked with local running clubs as assistant coach and race volunteer.

Apart from running road marathons, he is also very much interested in trail running and ultra marathons. In fact his shoes are muddier than his car tires sometimes. He has completed several ultra marathons, 10+ full marathons and numerous half marathons. While being a coach and helping runners in achieving their goals, he himself continues to set and reach his personal goals. He ran his first ever 100-miler in April 2021 and thinking what’s next to challenge. Talk to him if you want to know how crazy running can get and about some interesting stories in running.

He has been part of different running programs which had trained several first time marathoners. He loves to inspire and motivate people to start running and keep running as part of their active lifestyle.

Races & Results:
Vijay Sivaprakasam Vijay Sivaprakasam Vijay SIvaprakasam, a RRCA certified Running Coach has been with Team AIMS since 2009, has completed 10 Full Marathons and many Half Marathons. Being part of motivated group of individuals, Vijay has helped train many first-time runners complete their 5K, 10-Miler, Half and Full Marathons.

Vijay has been contributing to Team AIMS Marathon Training Program (MTP) in the roles of Volunteering Coordinator and MTP Coordinator, hosting Runs, helping with MTP Schedules, communicating with Runners on a regular basis.

Vijay believes that Running as Group activity has tremendous effect to one’s health and wishes to bring more people together to give back to our community in a healthy life style, which is the primary objective of Team AIMS.
Ravi Rajaram Ravi Rajaram Ravi Rajaram, a RRCA certified Running coach, started running with Team AIMS in 2008. Since then Ravi has been with Team AIMS and completed 4 Full marathons (Marine Corps Marathon) and several Half marathons. Running with Team AIMS is more fulfilling for him as he participates in other AIMS India foundation activities supporting the communities locally and in India.

Ravi lives in Germantown, Maryland and runs with his wife Mala and daughter Nivetita. Ravi enjoys running as a hobby as well as for the health benefits. Ravi strongly believes in the health benefits of running. He has recruited several half and full marathon runners and have been mentoring Team AIMS runners and conducts post running stretching exercises after Saturday long runs.

Ravi loves gardening and is passionate about vegetable gardening.

List of Races Ravi ran: https://www.athlinks.com/athletes/461935693/results
Uma Marques Uma Marques Uma Marques is serving as a RRCA certified running coach with Team AIMS..

Uma started running regularly in August 2015, introduced to the AIMS group by Coach Arun. After spending a sleepless night worrying about finishing her first race in 2015 – the Baltimore 5K – Uma continued to run with the AIMS team and ran her first half marathon only two months later. She ran her first full marathon – the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) – in 2016. Since then she has run the MCM every year in addition to several half marathons. She has also completed the Rosaryville 50K, thereby becoming an ultramarathoner officially 😊. Uma is focused on running happy – so don’t be surprised if she stops during a run to take pictures, smell roadside flowers, play with a dog or chase a squirrel. Uma is passionate about women runners and would like to see more women make the time for themselves to go for a run and stay healthy.
Jey Venugopalan Jey Venugopalan Jey Venugopalan lives in Ellicott City, MD. My running experience started with a casual visit to one of the marathon training sessions with AIMS in 2009. After that, there was no stopping and I ended up completing my first Baltimore Half Marathon successfully in 2009. So far, I have done around 10 Half Marathons, a few 10 Milers and a lot of 5K races.

I started building interest in training others and did my RRCA certification. My goal is to train others and help them lead a healthy life. I enjoy my running, what gives me the at most satisfaction is raising funds thru my run and helping the needy people here in USA and India.

I love to make new friends and my running/coaching journey adds taste to it. I am an ardent cricket fan and love playing cricket. I also enjoy playing tennis and listening to music.
Venugopal Chenneerappa Venugopal Chenneerappa Venugopal Chenneerappa, started running from 2015 and eventually made running as one of his passions. He enjoys making friends and recruiting first time runners to the training program that Team AIMS conducts(https://aimsindia.net/run).

He is a RRCA certified coach and has completed 4 Full marathons and a few Half marathons(https://www.athlinks.com/athletes/357590469/results).

He advocates early morning runs and encourages his family and friends circle to have an active lifestyle. Apart from running, he likes to hike and play volleyball when time permits.He can be reached at venugopaldc@gmail.com / 7036093858 for questions related to running and Team AIMS training programs.
Mahendiran Periyasamy Mahendiran Periyasamy Mahendiran Periyasamy, a RRCA Certified Running Coach, started his running journey with Team AIMS in 2017. Since then, he has been a passionate runner with Team AIMS and completed several 5K runs, 10K runs, several half Marathons and one Full Marathon (Marine Corps Marathon). Running has been a rewarding experience for him not just to build a healthy body, mind and spirit but also in supporting and creating a positive impact in the communities in the USA and India through AIMS India Foundation.

Mahendiran lives in Herndon, Virginia and runs with his wife Jamuna and little children Iniya & OmCharan. Mahendiran is a caring sustainable Nature Lover, Author, Trainer, Trained Counselor, Certified Agile Coach, Life Coach and also serving as Financial Services Professional serving many individuals, families and corporations towards living their financial freedom life.

Mahendiran loves promoting home gardening through ‘Vision Garden @ Every Home’ initiative, Trees planting initiative in India on people’s birthdays and special occasions. His passion and purpose revolve around serving the community, inspiring and coaching passionate and dedicated individuals, youth and professionals to reach their full potential.
Vivek Vijayakumar Vivek Vijayakumar Vivek Vijayakumar is an assistant running coach with Team AIMS. Vivek started coaching in 2019 helping new runners with training and stretching.

Vivek started running in 2017 with the Herndon sub group under coach Sada and ran his first marathon in 2018. He has completed 5 marathons and several half-marathons. Vivek’s running mantra is ‘consistency’ and he encourages new runners to train on a regular basis, thereby building a strong foundation to do long distance running for life.
Kavitha Thiyagu Kavitha Thiyagu Kavitha Thiyaghu started running with Team AIMS since 2017. What started as a "Couch to 5K" training, eventually helped her to complete a first half-marathon in 2017. Since then she has completed several half marathons and her first full marathon - Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) in 2021 through the support from AIMS MTP virtual training program.

Her passion for running is very contagious especially with both her daughters. Her older one has already completed two half marathons and the younger one is a work-in-progress half marathon trainee :) She also believes in motivating other women runners and young runners to achieve their running goals and help them pursue an active lifestyle.
Anand Prabhu Anand Prabhu Anand Prabhu joined Team AIMS as a runner in 2019 and started serving as an assistant running coach with Team AIMS from 2020.

With the help of his first Marathon Training Program with AIMS, Anand completed his first marathon in 2019. In year 2020, he also completed his second marathon (Virtual MCM) and his first ultra marathon (Virtual MCM50K), along with few half marathons.

With the inspirations from coaches and fellow runners, Anand also completed few other challenges in 2020-21, such as Yeti 24, David Goggins 4X4X48, GVRAT and CRAW.

Anand truly believes this is just the beginning and more marathons are in the pipeline. All we need to do to accomplish this is just to “Show up” for weekend runs and follow the training plan/tips from coaches, everything will fall in place.
Narasimham Nimmagadda Narasimham Nimmagadda Narasimham Nimmagadda is a Team-AIMS Alumni, who started running in 2011. Ran 30 registered races which includes 7 Full Marathons and several Half Marathons. Minimum Half marathon every weekend.

My goal as a runner is to stay fit, stay young forever :-), keep running forever, stay stress free and enjoy every run. Go through amazing experience and transformation running brings. Thank the sport of running. Thank mother nature. Establish the earth to mind connection. Experience season changes.

Thank-AIMS by contributing to the goal of Serve a gram.

List of Races Narasimham ran: https://www.athlinks.com/athletes/141514232/results