Marathon Training Program - FundRaising


As you all know, as part of this Marathon training program during registration process, we have requested for a commitment to raise funds to support the ongoing recurring projects such as Student Development / Learning center projects, Women empowerment projects, one of Community support projects and Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation projects. In regards to that, as promised here are some tools and resources to help you with the fundraising efforts to meet your intended target.

Fundraising Options
  • During the MTP registration, you must have created a profile and hence your custom profile page is available in TEAM AIMS Runners page in the website.
    Team AIMS Runners
  • You can ask your friends and supporters to go to your profile page and donate towards your fundraising goal.
  • To track your fundraising or to update your profile, use SIGN IN  option to login to your profile page to update your profile with latest information.
  • In case you forgot your password, use FORGOT PASSWORD  option to get temporary password via email. Please allow sometime to receive the email and also make sure to check your SPAM folder.  Upon succcessful login,update your password or your profile with latest information.
    Login / Forgot Password
  • Conventional - If anyone is opting to provide a check, please make sure to have the check payable to “AIMS India Foundation” with your name in the memo. During your runs, you can handover the checks to one of the coaches and your profile page will be updated with that donation details.
  • Employer matching - We have been receiving employer matching contributions from our runners over the years. In case you need any assistance with that approach, please write to:
Additional resources
Please feel free to download the resources below to use in your own communication email or Social network fundraising strategies:

All the Board members are available to engage in any conversationss related to prior projects and provide details on upcoming and pending requests.