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Team AIMS Members

 NameAbout MeTarget RaceFund Raise Goal $Funds Raised $Profile Page 
Achayaraj Ramasamy Achayaraj Ramasamy Just a guy Not decided, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/AchayarajRamasamy Support this runner
Aliyar Sahib Aliyar Sahib Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/ASahib Support this runner
Anand  Prabhu Anand Prabhu Full-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/Anand Prabhu Support this runner
Anand Dhanabal Anand Dhanabal 10-Miler,Not decided, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/AnandDhanabal Support this runner
Anu Iyer Anu Iyer Very welcoming team that helps everyone whatever their level be to succeed Not decided, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/AnuIyer Support this runner
Anurag Mehta Anurag Mehta Fellow runners Full-Marathon, 500 50 https://aimsindia.net/run/AnuragMehta Support this runner
Aravinda Joginapalli Aravinda Joginapalli Half-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/AravindaJoginapalli Support this runner
Arun  Sambandam Arun Sambandam I like that Team AIMS help for kids education and empowering women. Full-Marathon, 500 100 https://aimsindia.net/run/Arun Sambandam Support this runner
Ashok Krishnamoorthy Ashok Krishnamoorthy Full-Marathon,Half-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/AshokKrishnamoorthy Support this runner
Cann Parikh Cann Parikh Half-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/CannParikh Support this runner
Chaitanya Poloju Chaitanya Poloju Full-Marathon,Half-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/ChaitanyaPoloju Support this runner
Dhanasekaran Muthu Dhanasekaran Muthu Half-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/DhanasekaranMuthu Support this runner
Dileep Soundararajan Dileep Soundararajan Support various causes helping underprivileged Half-Marathon, 500 50 https://aimsindia.net/run/Dileepsoundararajan Support this runner
Duraisamy Subramani Duraisamy Subramani Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/DSubramani Support this runner
Eswara Gatamaneni Eswara Gatamaneni Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/EGATAMANENI Support this runner
Iyappan Raman Iyappan Raman AIMS volunteer and runner Training, coaches and motivational speech Not decided, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/IyappanRaman Support this runner
Jagan Vel Jagan Vel Half-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/JaganVel Support this runner
Jaimin Parikh Jaimin Parikh Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/JParikh Support this runner
Jaqulin Sebastian Jaqulin Sebastian Relatively new to running. Joined GCT Runners group during July 2020. Since then I have completed two 10Ks, one half marathon (all virtual) and excited to train for my first full Marathon with the goal of participating and completing it on Oct 10th (Chicago Marathon). Full-Marathon, 500 50 https://aimsindia.net/run/JaqulinSebastian Support this runner
Jey Venugopalan Jey Venugopalan Help myself and raise funds to support the needy Half-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/JeyVenugopalan Support this runner
Justin Felix Justin Felix My 10-year old son Josh inspires me to run for AIMS to support their charitable cause. Full-Marathon,Half-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/JFelix Support this runner
Kamesh Penumarthy Kamesh Penumarthy Full-Marathon,Half-Marathon,10K, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/KameshPenumarthy Support this runner
Kanakadurgaraju Koppella Kanakadurgaraju Koppella Full-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/KanakadurgarajuKoppella Support this runner
Kani Venkatesan Kani Venkatesan Full-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/KaniVenkatesan Support this runner
Karthik Kumarasamy Karthik Kumarasamy Full-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/KarthikKumarasamy Support this runner
Kavitha Thiyaghu Kavitha Thiyaghu 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/KavithaThiyaghu Support this runner
Krishna  Upadhyayula Krishna Upadhyayula Full-Marathon, 2000 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/Krishna Upadhyayula Support this runner
Krithika  Nathan Krithika Nathan Full-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/Krithika Nathan Support this runner
Lavanya Gatamaneni Lavanya Gatamaneni Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/LGATAMANENI Support this runner
Madhangi Virudhachalam Madhangi Virudhachalam Half-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/MadhangiVirudhachalam Support this runner
Mahendiran  Periyasamy Mahendiran Periyasamy Serving the needy projects while we run Full-Marathon,Half-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/Mahendiran Periyasamy Support this runner
Makesh Ramakrishnan Makesh Ramakrishnan Full-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/MakeshRamakrishnan Support this runner
Mallikarjan Doguparthi Mallikarjan Doguparthi 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/MallikarjanDoguparthi Support this runner
Manjula Tummala Manjula Tummala learn how to run 10K, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/manjulatummala Support this runner
Nachi Subramanian Nachi Subramanian Full-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/NSubramanian Support this runner
Nathan Duraisamy Nathan Duraisamy Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/NDuraisamy Support this runner
Neethi Devan Dhandapani Neethi Devan Dhandapani Half-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/Neethi DevanDhandapani Support this runner
Nishaa Venkatasubramanian Nishaa Venkatasubramanian I am a first time participant, i have ran few miles may be 3-5 in the past but not a Half or full marathon. My Husband (Ashok Krishnamoorthy) is with AIMS since 2018 and he was insisting me to join and train for HM. My Husband Half-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/NishaaVenkatasubramanian Support this runner
Pavan Kumar Bhaskara Pavan Kumar Bhaskara Full-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/pavan kumarbhaskara Support this runner
Preethi Gopalakrishnan Preethi Gopalakrishnan To support the various causes 10K, 500 25 https://aimsindia.net/run/PreethiGopalakrishnan Support this runner
Preeti Joginapalli Preeti Joginapalli Full-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/PreetiJoginapalli Support this runner
Prem Vemuganti Prem Vemuganti Health is happiness Half-Marathon,Not decided, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/PremVemuganti Support this runner
Rajesh Pasupathy Rajesh Pasupathy Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/RPasupathy Support this runner
Ram Mahadevan Ram Mahadevan Noble cause pursued by AIMS and personal fitness ! Full-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/RamMahadevan Support this runner
Ranbir Bhowmick Ranbir Bhowmick Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/RBhowmick Support this runner
Ravi Ramanujam Ravi Ramanujam Ravi from Clarksburg Support group Full-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/RaviRamanujam Support this runner
Remel Tucker Remel Tucker Full-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/RemelTucker Support this runner
Sadasivam Palanisamy Sadasivam Palanisamy To get motivated and keep myself healthy and support Team AIMS. Team of runners Full-Marathon, 1000 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SadasivamPalanisamy Support this runner
Sahaana Dileep Sahaana Dileep I love to run! I love running! 10K, 500 25 https://aimsindia.net/run/SahaanaDileep Support this runner
Sai Bastati Sai Bastati Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SBastati Support this runner
Sampriti Muthuswamy Sampriti Muthuswamy In the summer of 2019, my mom challenged me to run 13 miles before I turned 13. I decided to take on the challenge and signed up for the AIMS Half-Marathon Training Program. All the coaches and runners around me encouraged and helped me accomplish my goal. This experience inspired me to not only continue my own running journey but also to help other kids get started on their own. Full-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SampritiMuthuswamy Support this runner
Saritha Kattar Saritha Kattar Half-Marathon,10-Miler,10K, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SarithaKattar Support this runner
Senthil Nagappan Senthil Nagappan Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SNagappan Support this runner
Sharmila Potti Thulasiram Sharmila Potti Thulasiram To help people Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SPotti Thulasiram Support this runner
Shashidhar Kondra Shashidhar Kondra To become fit Half-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/ShashidharKondra Support this runner
Sreedhar  Reddy Sreedhar Reddy Full-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/Sreedhar Reddy Support this runner
Sri Kattar Sri Kattar Full-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SriKattar Support this runner
Srikanth Rukmanagari Srikanth Rukmanagari Running with a group. Full-Marathon,Half-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/srikanthrukmanagari Support this runner
Srikrishnan Padmanabhan Srikrishnan Padmanabhan Recreational runner AIMS Coaches helped me run my first marathon after a very long break from running. I also like the fact that donors can see the projects where the donations will go to Full-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SrikrishnanPadmanabhan Support this runner
Sudhindra  Chillarige Sudhindra Chillarige I was a bit apprehensive when started running longer than 1-2 miles. Thanks to AIMS coaches I was able to complete my first half marathon in 2019, completed first full marathon in 2020. Hope for more running years. If I can do it, so can you !! Full-Marathon,Half-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/Sudhindra Chillarige Support this runner
Suhasini Kalyan Suhasini Kalyan Determined to help and motivated to stay persistent! The donations that come with program are becoming a means to help several in need. Half-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SuhasiniKalyan Support this runner
Sukumar Paramasivam Sukumar Paramasivam Health Values Full-Marathon,Half-Marathon,Not decided, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SUKUMARPARAMASIVAM Support this runner
Suresh Ramamoorthi Suresh Ramamoorthi Half-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SureshRamamoorthi Support this runner
Suresh Raman Suresh Raman Team Full-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SureshRaman Support this runner
Swaminathan Kasiviswanathan Swaminathan Kasiviswanathan Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SKasiviswanathan Support this runner
Swapna Chilmakuru Swapna Chilmakuru Getting back on my feet, looking forward to new goals and new achievements! Support charity, be part of a greater good!! Full-Marathon, 500 25 https://aimsindia.net/run/SwapnaChilmakuru Support this runner
Swathi Kondati Swathi Kondati The Coaches guidance and the camaraderie with in the group. Always making sure to encourage and support each other. Full-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SwathiKondati Support this runner
Vamsi Vanka Vamsi Vanka Half-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/VamsiVanka Support this runner
Vasanthi Sekar Vasanthi Sekar I started my running journey when my second kid was born. I like to run 5ks and 10ks. I ran couple of marathons and few half marathons. checkout my running profile at https://www.athlinks.com/athletes/462218382 charity 10-Miler, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/VasanthiSekar Support this runner
Vathsala Periyasamy Vathsala Periyasamy Coaches Not decided, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/Vathsalaperiyasamy Support this runner
Velmurugan Periasamy Velmurugan Periasamy Helping people and improving my health Full-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/VPeriasamy Support this runner
Venkata Sudha Kone Venkata Sudha Kone Full-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/venkata sudhakone Support this runner
Venkataramana Mallasani Venkataramana Mallasani I cam to know from Arun.. good to run for a cause Full-Marathon,Half-Marathon,10-Miler,10K, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/venkataramanamallasani Support this runner
Venugopal  Chenneerappa Venugopal Chenneerappa Started running since 2015 and trying to run consistently and incorporate running as a inseparable part of life for the next few decades. Plan on doing MCM Full for 2021. Team AIMS focus on community welfare and wellbeing. Projects to empower women, rural development and student development centers. Full-Marathon, 1000 585 https://aimsindia.net/run/Venugopal Chenneerappa Support this runner
Vijay Iyer Vijay Iyer Love to live The team is awesome, the coaches are phenomenal and Arun & I went to the same high school 36 years back Half-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/VijayIyer Support this runner
Vijay Iyer Vijay Iyer Love to live The team is awesome, the coaches are phenomenal and Arun & I went to the same high school 36 years back Half-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/VijayIyer Support this runner
Vijay Sivaprakasam Vijay Sivaprakasam I would like to part of a great team of like minded individuals working together towards a common goal of helping the community in a healthy way such as running marathons and raising funds to execute great projects in various levels. Full-Marathon,Half-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/VijaySivaprakasam Support this runner
Vinitha Viswanathan Vinitha Viswanathan Full-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/VinithaViswanathan Support this runner
Vinodh Chandrasekaran Vinodh Chandrasekaran Have been running for Team AIMS for few years. Recreating the profile Full-Marathon,Half-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/VinodhChandrasekaran Support this runner
Vivek  Vijayakumar Vivek Vijayakumar Full-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/Vivek Vijayakumar Support this runner