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Team AIMS Members

 NameAbout MeTarget RaceFund Raise Goal $Funds Raised $Profile Page 
Abhilash Nama Abhilash Nama Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/ANama Support this runner
Abinandan Kumarlal Abinandan Kumarlal Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/AKumarlal Support this runner
Aliyar Sahib Aliyar Sahib Half-Marathon 400 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/ASahib Support this runner
Anand Prabhu Anand Prabhu Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/APrabhu Support this runner
Anna Swaminathan Anna Swaminathan Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/ASwaminathan Support this runner
Arun Sambandam Arun Sambandam I like that Team AIMS help for kids education and empowering women. Full-Marathon 500 100 https://aimsindia.net/run/ASambandam Support this runner
Ashok Krishnamoorthy Ashok Krishnamoorthy Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/AKrishnamoorthy Support this runner
Ashok Thiruvengadam Kasi Ashok Thiruvengadam Kasi Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/AThiruvengadam Kasi Support this runner
Balaji Sathyamoorthy Balaji Sathyamoorthy Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/BSathyamoorthy Support this runner
Basheer Ahamed Basheer Ahamed Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/BAhamed Support this runner
Boopathi Kuppusamy Boopathi Kuppusamy AIMS India Foundation offers an opportunity for all of us to make an impact on some of those struggling children who have no access to school and health care. Full-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/BKuppusamy Support this runner
Chandra Tadikonda Chandra Tadikonda Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/CTadikonda Support this runner
Deepa Chandran Deepa Chandran Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/DChandran Support this runner
Dinesh Palanichamy Dinesh Palanichamy Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/DPalanichamy Support this runner
Duraisamy Subramani Duraisamy Subramani Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/DSubramani Support this runner
Durgaprasad Gangisetti Durgaprasad Gangisetti Full-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/DGangisetti Support this runner
Eswara Gatamaneni Eswara Gatamaneni Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/EGATAMANENI Support this runner
Geetha Kumar Geetha Kumar Team AIMS runs to help others and I’m proud to be part of it. Half-Marathon 300 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/GKumar Support this runner
Gopinath Mani Gopinath Mani Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/GMani Support this runner
Gopinathan Meenatchi Gopinathan Meenatchi Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/GMeenatchi Support this runner
Govindarajan Kirubanandam Govindarajan Kirubanandam Half-Marathon 400 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/GKirubanandam Support this runner
Gurusamy Rasappan Gurusamy Rasappan Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/GRasappan Support this runner
Hemnath Kunthu Hemnath Kunthu Half-Marathon 200 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/HKunthu Support this runner
Himanshu J Gameti Himanshu J Gameti Half-Marathon, 300 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/ Support this runner
Iyappan Raman Iyappan Raman Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/IRAMAN Support this runner
Jaimin Parikh Jaimin Parikh Half-Marathon 0 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/JParikh Support this runner
Jayakumar Ponniah Jayakumar Ponniah Full-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/JPonniah Support this runner
Justin Felix Justin Felix My 10-year old son Josh inspires me to run for AIMS to support their charitable cause. Full-Marathon,Half-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/JFelix Support this runner
Kala Desai Kala Desai Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/KDesai Support this runner
Karthik Thevendriya Karthik Thevendriya Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/KThevendriya Support this runner
Karun Ganaphathy Karun Ganaphathy Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/KGanaphathy Support this runner
Koteshwar Muppa Koteshwar Muppa Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/KMuppa Support this runner
Krishna Upadhyayula Krishna Upadhyayula Full-Marathon 2000 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/KUpadhyayula Support this runner
Krithika Nathan Krithika Nathan Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/KNathan Support this runner
Lakshmi Vad Lakshmi Vad Running Enthusiast To support nobel cause Full-Marathon, 0 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/ Support this runner
Lavanya Gatamaneni Lavanya Gatamaneni Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/LGATAMANENI Support this runner
Madhavi Gundavelli Madhavi Gundavelli Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/MGundavelli Support this runner
Mahendiran Periyasamy Mahendiran Periyasamy Serving the needy projects while we run Full-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/MPeriyasamy Support this runner
Mahesh Kumar Mahesh Kumar Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/MKumar Support this runner
Malar M Malar M Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/MM Support this runner
Manaswini Choudhury Manaswini Choudhury Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/MChoudhury Support this runner
Manickam Palaniappan Manickam Palaniappan Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/MPalaniappan Support this runner
Nachi Subramanian Nachi Subramanian Full-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/NSubramanian Support this runner
Narasimham Nimmagadda Narasimham Nimmagadda Full-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/NNimmagadda Support this runner
Narayanan Govindarajan Narayanan Govindarajan Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/NGovindarajan Support this runner
Nathan Duraisamy Nathan Duraisamy Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/NDuraisamy Support this runner
Parikshit Mahadik Parikshit Mahadik Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/PMahadik Support this runner
Pazhanivel Krishnan Pazhanivel Krishnan Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/PKrishnan Support this runner
Peter Raj A Peter Raj A Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/PA Support this runner
Prasad Chandrasekaran Prasad Chandrasekaran Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/PChandrasekaran Support this runner
Priya Swaminathan Priya Swaminathan Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/PSwaminathan Support this runner
Rajamanickam Thangavel Rajamanickam Thangavel Full-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/RThangavel Support this runner
Rajesh Choudhury Rajesh Choudhury Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/RChoudhury Support this runner
Rajesh Pasupathy Rajesh Pasupathy Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/RPasupathy Support this runner
Rajesh Pasupathy Rajesh Pasupathy Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/RPasupathy Support this runner
Rajesh Ramachandra Rajesh Ramachandra Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/RRamachandra Support this runner
Raji Balasubramanian Raji Balasubramanian Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/RBalasubramanian Support this runner
Ram Angannan Ram Angannan Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/RAngannan Support this runner
Ranbir Bhowmick Ranbir Bhowmick Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/RBhowmick Support this runner
Ranjith Marappan Ranjith Marappan Desire to improve my health Full-Marathon 1000 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/RMarappan Support this runner
Ravichandran Alagarsamy Ravichandran Alagarsamy Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/RAlagarsamy Support this runner
Sadasivam Sadasivam To get motivate and keep myself healthy and support Team AIMS. Team of runners Full-Marathon, 1000 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SPalanisamy Support this runner
Sai Bastati Sai Bastati Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SBastati Support this runner
Saigeetha Reddy Pulicherla Saigeetha Reddy Pulicherla Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SPulicherla Support this runner
Sampriti Muthuswamy Sampriti Muthuswamy Half-Marathon 0 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SMuthuswamy Support this runner
Sandeep Pathak Sandeep Pathak Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SPathak Support this runner
Saravanan Rajaram Saravanan Rajaram Running for last 8 years Healthy and happy Half-Marathon 300 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SRajaram Support this runner
Saritha Palley Saritha Palley Dedication Half-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/ Support this runner
Savio Thomas Savio Thomas Man on a Mission I'd love to run for Cancer, Alzhimers, Autism etc.. AIMS I believe supports all these causes and I am an Indian. Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SThomas Support this runner
Senthil Bagavathy Senthil Bagavathy Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SBagavathy Support this runner
Senthil Nagappan Senthil Nagappan Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SNagappan Support this runner
Shanmugam Loganathan Shanmugam Loganathan Half-Marathon, 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/ Support this runner
Shanmugam Natarajan Shanmugam Natarajan Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SNatarajan Support this runner
Sharmila Potti Thulasiram Sharmila Potti Thulasiram To help people Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SPotti Thulasiram Support this runner
Siva Mamidi Siva Mamidi Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SMamidi Support this runner
Siva Murugesan Siva Murugesan Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SMurugesan Support this runner
Sivakumar Paramasivam Sivakumar Paramasivam Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SParamasivam Support this runner
Sivaneshan Vijayaram Sivaneshan Vijayaram Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SVijayaram Support this runner
Sivasubramanian Sivaraj Sivasubramanian Sivaraj Full-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SSivaraj Support this runner
Sneha Suresh Sneha Suresh Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SSuresh Support this runner
Sorna Nachiappan Sorna Nachiappan Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SNachiappan Support this runner
Sreedhar Reddy Sreedhar Reddy Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SReddy Support this runner
Sri Sajjala Sri Sajjala Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SSajjala Support this runner
Srikanth Layagala Srikanth Layagala Full-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/slayagala Support this runner
Srinivas Ramshetty Srinivas Ramshetty Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SRamshetty Support this runner
Srinivasan Adhinarayanan Srinivasan Adhinarayanan Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SAdhinarayanan Support this runner
Sriram Nagarajan Sriram Nagarajan Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SNAGARAJAN Support this runner
Subramanian Hariharan Subramanian Hariharan Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SHariharan Support this runner
Sudha Kone Sudha Kone Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SKone Support this runner
Sudhindra Chillarige Sudhindra Chillarige Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SChillarige Support this runner
Sujit Komma Sujit Komma Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SKomma Support this runner
Suresh Shanmugam Suresh Shanmugam Full-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SShanmugam Support this runner
Swaminathan Kasiviswanathan Swaminathan Kasiviswanathan Half-Marathon 0 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/SKasiviswanathan Support this runner
Tejas M Patel Tejas M Patel Full-Marathon, 300 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/ Support this runner
Thiyaghu Muthuswamy Thiyaghu Muthuswamy Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/TMuthuswamy Support this runner
Uma Marques Uma Marques Full-Marathon 1000 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/UMarques Support this runner
Varun Murali Varun Murali Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/VMurali Support this runner
Velmurugan Periasamy Velmurugan Periasamy Helping people and improving my health Full-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/VPeriasamy Support this runner
Venkatachalam Nallathambi Venkatachalam Nallathambi Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/VNallathambi Support this runner
Venugopal Chenneerappa Venugopal Chenneerappa I love to run. Full-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/VChenneerappa Support this runner
Vijay Jayapal Vijay Jayapal Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/VJayapal Support this runner
Vijay Kadakkal Vijay Kadakkal Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/VKadakkal Support this runner
Vijay Sivaprakasam Vijay Sivaprakasam I would like to part of a great team of like minded individuals working together towards a common goal of helping the community in a healthy way such as running marathons and raising funds to execute great projects in various levels. Full-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/VSivaprakasam Support this runner
Vijay Thota Vijay Thota Full-Marathon 750 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/VThota Support this runner
Vinitha Viswanathan Vinitha Viswanathan Full-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/VViswanathan Support this runner
Vivek Vijayakumar Vivek Vijayakumar Full-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/VVijayakumar Support this runner
Yadhunandan Chikkabasavaiah Yadhunandan Chikkabasavaiah Half-Marathon 500 0 https://aimsindia.net/run/YChikkabasavaiah Support this runner