COVID 19 - Donate to support Traditional Tamil Folk Performing Artists

As you know, the world is going through a tough phase because of Coronavirus infections, the Tamil traditional folk perfomining artists and their families are struggling on a daily basis due to lack of work, shows etc. In order to support them during this difficult times, ValaiTamil WebTv and Tamil Traditional Cultural Associations jointly organizing Tamil Performing Artist Livelihood Support Festival 2020’

  • To provide financial support to Tamil traditional performing artists for at least 2 months who are suffering from the effect of Covid-19.
  • To preserve traditional cultural performing arts by supporting the artists during this difficult situation

Targetetted Beneficiary (Families) : 500+

Targetetted Locations : Various regions in Tamil Nadu

Target Amount needed for immediate support: Rs 12.5 Lakhs (~ $16,700 USD)

PAYPAL Donation
Donation Amount ($): PayPal secure payments.